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i am a christian, about 18 months ago i met a wonderful women and she inspired my writing about Wade Underhile

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ever before me
by: wade underhile

out of darkness came light
by: wade underhile

may storm
by: wade underhile

sing a quiet song
by: wade underhile

morning glory
by: wade underhile

the valley is now empty
by: wade underhile

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Comments On Wade Underhile


By dustyanne 25 Jul, 2011
Thank you for your advice I am greatful. Next month when things in my life arent so crazy I will try to take your advice. Thank you again, dustyanne

By dustyanne 07 Jul, 2011
you are from what I see the best poet in here. could you please comment and give me some advice on what I should be doing with my poetry? I am new to putting my writings down for anyone to see. I feel as if something is just off with my work you know what I mean you just know somethings missing but you cant figure it out. thank you so much for your time.

By Debbra 13 Sep, 2010
You write from withen your heart,keep on reaching inside ! and keep shareing the words with others

By ray 07 May, 2010
i saw some of your poetry in a store forsale thats great

By wade 11 Apr, 2010
i have 14 poems they wont post so this is my last month here goodbye everybody god bless you

By Sujata Dua 24 Mar, 2010
I enjoyed your poem ..good work

By Gary Blackmon 20 Mar, 2010
Man that is very powerful and beautiful. Thank you. you have my top vote

By Indian Giver 09 Mar, 2010

By marie92 05 Mar, 2010
I enjoyed reading your poem

By marie92 05 Mar, 2010
That is very sweet

By marie92 05 Mar, 2010
Very good but very sad

By Kathy 26 Dec, 2009
Your poems are very inspirational, keep up the great work!

By Scott Spiva 06 Dec, 2009
Eph 5.2. well put brother, shine forth.
your poem is the best I have read on this site, hands down.

By PMB 04 Dec, 2009
Isn't this man AMAZING!!

By Cindy 26 Oct, 2009
This writer is very good

By S.T. 21 Oct, 2009
Wow this is beautiful

By benny 15 Oct, 2009
wonderful sincere thoughts

By paula 11 Oct, 2009
the most passionate poet on earth

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